The Ten Tenors




'The TEN Tenors on Broadway Volume 1' debuts at #44 on the ARIA charts.

Due to overwhelming demand for an On Broadway album during our four-month tour of the USA earlier this year, last month we released Volume 1 of The TEN Tenors on Broadway, which debuted at #44 on the ARIA charts. 

On Broadway - Behind the Red Curtain

The TEN Tenors producer D-J Wendt never really envisaged the group doing an entirely Broadway-themed show. For starters, what’s a Broadway show with ten leading men and not a single leading lady? Secondly, if the Tenors aren’t singing the likes of Puccini, they’re singing Meatloaf and Queen - that’s the way it’s always been. Thirdly, ‘Broadway’, is synonymous with ‘kick-line’, and Wendt couldn’t ask that of his boys… Could he?

New Show Announcement: The TEN Tenors on Broadway

The TEN Tenors re-emerge in 2014 with their finest live offering yet - The TEN Tenors On Broadway.  Kicking off in the US in January, The TEN Tenors on Broadway will encompass more than 70 dates including a major show in Las Vegas and Broadway before returning to home soil.


July 24
Theatre Royal
South America
October 16
Sao Paulo
November 28